Safe Passage – Domestic Violence and Intimate Partner Violence

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Our hotline number

For immediate support, contact our Help Line at 718-447-7740 x4792
(mobile: 718-567-6292)

Safe Passage: Empowering Survivors through Advocacy and Support in Domestic Violence Intervention

Safe Passage is a 27-year-old non-residential domestic/intimate partner violence intervention program on Staten Island. Safe Passage, the Domestic Violence Services Department, is to educate, empower, advocate, and support individuals, families, and communities affected by violence.  We work with adult and child/teen survivors to increase their independence and empower them to make healthier choices for their future. 

What is the Program’s Philosophy 

We provide a survivor centered approach that empowers survivors by prioritizing their rights, needs and wishes. Our programs mission is to educate, empower, advocate, and support individuals and families and communities affected by violence. We work to ensure that our services are tailored to providing; safety and security, housing stability, economic empowerment, counseling, and education, and increasing community awareness of domestic and intimate partner violence. Our staff provide wide range of services for domestic and intimate partner violence adults and children; however, services remain distinct for the non-Residential program.

What support do we provide?

  • Telephone hotline assistance
  • Information and Referral services
  • Advocacy
  • Supportive Counseling
  • Housing Assistance
  • Financial Empowerment

What is the hotline number?

For immediate support, contact our Help Line at 718-447-7740 x4792 (mobile: 718-567-6292)

Is there a cost?

All individuals and families on Staten Island are eligible and will have access to services for free regardless of race, color, sex, sexual orientation or identity, gender identity, national origin, disability, religion, medical or any other characteristic that may be identified. 

Do you offer services in languages other than English?

We are a culturally diverse organization that works to ensure that we are able to meet the needs of the individual clients we serve. We have English and Spanish speaking staff and partner with organizations that support the special needs population. We have an agreement with interpretation services for clients that speak other languages, and work with Barrier Free Living for individuals and clients that may be disabled and hearing impaired. 

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