Early Childhood Education

Happy black teacher assisting small girl in drawing during art class at kindergarten.

For nearly 50 years Seamen’s Society operated a recognized daycare program, caring for thousands of children on Staten Island. That program has been transformed and has a new home. Our new 3K/PreK space on Central Avenue safely accommodates 60 children and features four state-of-the-art classrooms, a gymnasium, a project area, a kitchen, and offices — all decorated in a colorful manner to stimulate the children.

Staten Island has a unique and diverse population where many languages are spoken at home. What makes Seamen’s Society 3k and PreK program unique is that we promote a linguistically, cultural, social, and emotionally responsive environment as reflective in the dual language activities that will be incorporated into the curriculum. 

What do we offer?

Our new 3K/4K program’s goal is school readiness. We will be providing the tools to children and families not only to help them succeed in the short term, but throughout their lives. 

What will 3k and PreK offer:

  1. Kindergarten Readiness
  2. Develop and Improve math and literacy skills 3k and PreK students.
  3. Provide the highest quality and equitable educational services.
  4. Increase slots and access to affordable early child care education.
  5. Provide dual language educational services.


Collaboration with United Teachers Federation, Day Care Council, and the NYC Department of Education and follow their curriculum requirements. The teachers are all NYC certified.

Learn More

You can learn more about the program by contacting our Program Director, Nellie Suarez, at 718-447-7740 x4756.

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