Youth Services Program

Our Youth services program entails educational specialists for all youth, Empowerment Coaches, a Housing Specialist, and a Career and Internship Specialist.  The program is open to all current foster care youth and discharged youth. Our mission is to ensure that every child and young adult in our care has a chance at success through age 26, facilitated and strengthened by our partnership with ACS, and the NYC Fair Futures Coalition. 

How does the program work?

All school aged youth are paired with an educational specialist and once in high school through age 26, young adults are also paired with an empowerment coach who provides tools that can be used to help them succeed. The empowerment coach teaches youth how to self-advocate while also providing emotional, social, and life skills support.

Seamen’s Society connects youth in foster care with tools and resources that enable them to:

  • Promote educational success by tracking grades and attendance;
  • Support the family through the Individualized Education Program process (IEP) assisting with the referral and implementation of services;
  • Provide ongoing support with resources, such as tutoring and extracurricular activities;
  • Match students to appropriate learning environments;
  • Graduate from high school and excel in post-secondary settings;
  • Develop the skills they need to succeed through lasting, trusting relationships and a network of positive adult and peer support;
  • Build professional development skills;
  • Establish positive educational, career, and housing goals;
  • Obtain career development experiences; and,
  • Obtain and maintain affordable housing and gain independent living skills. 


Our team also offers: 

Monthly youth-led peer groups provide a safe space for youth to share their voices and discuss real world issues. Empowerment Coaches facilitate these groups and teach leadership skills to the participants.

Youth Advisory Board, peer led meetings to make a difference for youth in care by giving them the platform and voice to help create positive changes in the foster care system.  Available spots, please inquire, if interested. 

Trips, for our youth to attend exhilarating and fun experiences!

If any youth is unsure of their educational specialist or empowerment coach and would love to learn more about our program, please reach out to Jessica Ghabour, Program Manager at or work cell (929) 425-4247.

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